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Matt Budd headshot.

Matt Budd

Graduate Student


Matthew joined ORI in 2020 as a member of Pembroke College. As a DPhil student in the GOALS Lab he is supervised by Prof. Nick Hawes. His research interests cover model based learning and provable safe operation of robot systems in highly uncertain environments. 

Matthew completed his MEng in Engineering Science in 2020, also at Oxford. Having worked for a year as an embedded software engineer before university, he is comfortable anywhere along the line from high-level planners to assembly routines. Throughout his time at Oxford he has competed in RoboCup 2019 (Sydney), led a team of undergraduate robot designers, and presented beam instrumentation design research at CERN in Geneva. 

Outside of the DPhil, Matthew enjoys indoor (reading, rock climbing/bouldering) and outdoor (swimming, hiking) pursuits as well as technical projects